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SkySecure Series


SkySecure Series

Product description

Desmear Process
SkySecure Series

Desmear Process:

● SkySecure Desmear Process includes three steps: Swelling, Resin etching and reduction cleaning
● Stable process with outstanding cleaning and roughening performance for hole walls
● Two choices for the reduction cleaning step: Inorganic or organic reducer
● Reduction Cleaning bath contains conditioner for glass fibers for better Pd adsorption in subsequent steps
● With proper equipment and parameters settings, SkySecure process can be used for smear removal of all types of PCBs such as multilayer, HDI, flexible, regid-flex boards


Before swelling

After swelling

Before desmearing - Resin

After desmearing - Resin

Before desmearing – Glass fiber

After desmearing – Glass fiber

Before desmearing – via’s bottom

After desmearing – via’s bottom

After desmearing, uniform roughness structures are formed on resin surface, smear on glass fibers and copper surface is effectively removed.


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