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SkyPlate VF 6382


SkyPlate VF 6382

Product description

DC Via Filling

SkyPlate VF 6382

Main Features:

● Skyplate VF 6382 is a DC via filling copper plating process, suitable for VCP and traditional hoist type plating lines with either soluble or insoluble anodes
● Excellent performance for BMV filling, also compatible for through hole plating
● Excellent chemical stability
● Compatible with via filling process directly after PTH or after flash plating
● Additives can be analyzed by CVS method


SkyPlate VF 6382 is suitable for HDI via filling with thru holes plating in the same time
MBV:Diameter≤ 150 μm , Depth≤80um
Through Hole: thickness≤ 1.2mm, A/R ≤ 5:1
Surface copper <20 μm
Filled vias Dimple≤ 10 μm
Through hole throwing power about 70%

Plating Performance:

Hole size 150um    Hole Depth 115um
Plating thickness 25um    Dimple 10um

Hole size 115um    Hole Depth 75um
Plating thickness 20um    Dimple 5um

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